Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Like bb

This bb is amazing lil stuff. It got a lot of useful small stuff. I ike to use the memo, calendar etc.. What like I most is I can write all the and update to blog...m of course there are a lot need to be approved...like still not support sprint tv, sling median hard to open ms office files etc. But rumor says it going to be changed. We'll and see what happen. Still need to review after one month and sprint net if they are worth to spend so much money. I am currently spend sixty bucks for data and voice plan. I also need to budget. Recently I spent a lot of money. Need to budget myself especially us stock doesn't do very well recently? Keep cash is the best policy for the moment? I think I also need to tell the difference between what I need and what I want. A lot of stuff I want to be is more desire than necessity. I think I really like writing I mean typing here. It might be a cure for me to get rid of my blue. I also need to add more " pink spry" in my life and my diary.
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